Puzzle Samples

We currently have over 80 different puzzle formats. Here are some samples of just a few of the puzzles we create. Take a look.

Click on any puzzle image to see the full puzzle.

General Puzzles

Octagram Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A space-saving octagon puzzle using anagrams

Pyramid Building Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Pyramid Building
A puzzle involving interlinking four-letter words

Decagon Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Another space-saving word puzzle

Cryptic SuperSpiral Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Cryptic SuperSpiral
A new twist on a cryptic puzzle

NZ Cryptic Crossword – PuzzleBeetle

New Zealand Cryptic
A cryptic crossword with a New Zealand flavour to many of the clues

KiwiSpeak Crossword – PuzzleBeetle

A New Zealand-oriented crossword incorporating a typical Kiwi expression

Anagramix Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A small anagram-based puzzle

Checkerboard Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A word puzzle based on pairs of four-letter anagrams that must be arranged to form eight-letter words

Missing Tiles Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Missing Tiles
The solver must place two-letter tiles correctly to form ten-letter words

Maximatic Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A space-efficient octagon-shaped puzzle that reveals related sayings, phrases and words

Number Code Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Number Code
A maths-based code cracker that can be done by brain power or by calculator

Triagram Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A triangle-shaped puzzle where solvers must find nine words, revealing two other words on the way

Children’s Puzzles

Junior Crossword – PuzzleBeetle

Junior Crossword
A crossword aimed at children 8-11 years old

FunWord Kids’ Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

A theme-based word puzzle incorporating a hidden mystery word

Mix ‘n’ Match Kids’ Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Mix ‘n’ Match
A puzzle based on compound words

Word Search Kids’ Puzzle – PuzzleBeetle

Word Search
An old favourite

Just for Kids Puzzle Page – PuzzleBeetle

Just For Kids
A theme-based puzzle section that includes several small puzzles, jokes and general knowledge questions

Kids’ Quiz – PuzzleBeetle

Kids’ Quiz
Another type of theme-based puzzle page